Happy fuckin’ holidays.

Touchy touchy, Stark.

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Anonymous sent: Going back to the parents' place for the holidays?

Well, I haven’t talked to them in years. So, no. I’ll probably make sandwiches or something at my apartment and marathon Jurassic Park.

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Anonymous sent: m!a: Sharon's a dog for the rest of the week.

"Wait, that’s not-…!"

It’s cold.


     ”I happened to be sitting here and did not fee like moving,” Loki smirked, working his hand over himself. He could have stripped himself entirely, but opted for keeping himself dressed and just working with the front of his pants open. He let out a hum and rolled his head to the side enough to look over at her and crack his eyes open.

     ”Of course you didn’t.” Because that would make sense. Not masturbating in her living room and all. Sharon was having a rather difficult time keeping her eyes to herself, but when she dared to sneak a peek, Loki was already looking over at her and she averted her gaze quickly. Probably not quickly enough. “This isn’t fair. You’re doing this on purpose and I can’t decide if I do or do not appreciate it.”

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